Multicomfort house student contest


Participating countries in 2005

Initially, the first International MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENT CONTEST took place in Bulgaria in 2005. The five attending universities came from Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. These countries have continued to participate in the contest every year until present day.

In 2005, ISOVER Bulgaria was the host of the Students Contest. The final stage started on 31st May in Sofia, Bulgaria. All professors and students of the five participating universities, who exhibited their award-winning projects, were invited to Sofia for the judging and the international award ceremony.
The 'Red House' in Sofia

On the second day (June 1st), the first international awards for the MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENT CONTEST were announced in the so-called "Red House" in Sofia.

The "Red House" is a special place whose history goes back to the beginning of the last century. It has been the atelier of Andrej Nikolov, one of Bulgaria's most famous sculptors.

It was renovated in 2004 with the support of ISOVER Bulgaria which donated all insulating materials. After its renovation, the house became the famous Centre for Culture and Debate.

Robert Schild, ISOVER's Manager for Acoustics, Thermal and Fire Insulation as well as chairman of the Jury personally presented the awards and congratulated the winners. The ceremony attracted serious media attention.