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During 3 days, between 22nd and 25th of May, 60 student teams from 21 countries competed in the 8th International Stage of the MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST.
The new comers from Poland, Russia and Ukraine joined the participants form: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and the Pennsylvania (USA).
The event, hold for the first time at international level in Bulgaria in 2005, is dedicated to architecture students and aims to better disseminate among the future opinion formers the ideas of energy efficiency as well as the different comfort dimension and is based on the MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST.
Participating countries in 2012

Participating countries in 2012
The competition is structured in 2 stages: national stages followed by an international one were the best 3 projects from each country participate.
A record number of almost 1000 students from more that 100 universities from 3 continents registered for the participation in this year national stages, stretching from as far east as Far East Federal University (FEFU) Vladivostok from Russia to Philadelphia University of Engineering, USA in the west.
The task was the design of a sustainable community within the regeneration program of the Trent Basin area, Nottingham, UK. The project consist in developing a sustainable neighbourhood, providing accommodation for 12-15 families and essential services to assure an effective live work scheme, plus to develop a vision of regeneration of a larger area where this neighbourhood is placed, in which infrastructure, offices, leisure and recreation are conceived to reutilize existing buildings and to provide an effective integration to the city.
In order to provide the participants with all necessary documents and information two websites were created: containing information about the current task, pictures and plans as well as all the projects and task from the previous years
......... containing a complete data base with constructions details in CAD format, documentation and brochures needed for the development of the task.

Participants in MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST​ Edition 2012 - International Stage 2012

The contest started with the opening of poster exhibition giving the participants as well as jury members a first change to see all the proposed projects.
During the second day each participating team had the opportunity to present their design and ideas to the jury as well as to the other participants in the hall and to friends and colleagues watching them online as the event was webcast live.
Former Slovakian participants and winners of different international edition: Eng. Arch. Vladimir Hain - winner of 1st Prize at 2009 International Stage and Eng. Arch. Matus Podskalicky - winner of 3rd Prize at 2006 International Stage joined the event and shared their experiences with the participants:
"... A big positive aspect in competition was the organizational support. Support not only from professional, but also from the human side. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and willingness of cooperation we could easy solve all technical problems. Therefore we learned a lot about sustainable structures, insulations as well as about other new products of Saint-Gobain. This knowledge and cooperation with colleagues we were able to successfully utilize in other projects. For instance in real architectural competition for the revitalization project of the former Power Plant in Pie?ťany (Slovakia). Thanks to all this aspects the project got into the observation program for innovative architectural practice in Europe supported by the European Commission."
Eng. Arch. Vladimir HAIN

 For the memebers of the jury:
Professor Eng. Arch. Lubomir Zavodny
Faculty of Architecture STU
Jean-Baptiste Rieunier ,
Saint Gobain  
Arch. Roland Matzig,
RMP Arkitecten

choosing the winners proved to be challenging task as all projects proposed creative approaches having also strong technical background.
The jury decided to award two supplementary Special Prizes for the quality of the projects to:


  The winners of the prizes were:

"We are so glad that we had a chance to present our work at international level, to meet new friends all over the world, and to enjoy perfect organization in beautiful city of Bratislava. This contest was a great experience for us. It was not just about winning, but also about wonderful moments we all had together, making new friendships.
Winning the first prize was totally unexpected for us. Even now we can't explain
feeling of happiness and surprise we had that night. Every moment of beautiful days spent in Bratislava, and especially winning ceremony will always stay in our memories."
Tamara Kuljanin and Nemanja Kocić
The launch of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST 2013 Edition will be done in the beginning of August with the official announcement of hosting city and publication of the Contest Task. For more information stay tuned on

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Further information about the contest and Saint-Gobain ISOVER you can find at: - international website of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST - construction details data base containing: CAD details, brochures, movies - international website of Saint-Gobain ISOVER
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