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As the world is becoming increasingly urban and cities are becoming larger and more densely populated thus increasing our energy consumption as well as the CO2 emission actions are required.

Overall, cialis the building sector is responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the world demanding a new way of designing each new project and each new renovation.

A substantial share of the stock in Europe is older than 50 years with many buildings in use today that are more than 100 years old.

More than 40% of our residential buildings have been constructed before the 1960s when energy building regulations were very limited.

Reacting to this situation, treatment more and more local authorities from all over the world are putting in place programs and actions for the rehabilitation of this construction focusing in improving the comfort of the inhabitants as well as the energy performance of these buildings.

It is also the case of Madrid authorities that have launched a new program: MAD-RE: MADRID RECOVER.

The task for 13th International Edition of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST developed by ISOVER in close collaboration with Department of Architecture of Municipality of Madrid is the Urban Regeneration of a community within the perimeter of Gran San Blas area of Madrid.

The participants will have to create a sustainable architecture integrated into the urban space while responding to MAD-RE and Saint-Gobain MULTICOMFORT Criteria and taking into account the climatic conditions and regional context of Madrid.

Beside constructional, the social and economic aspects also have to be considered and respected and the proposed solution should give a new impulse in the existing urban area.

The architecture has to fit in the surrounding of the site. Urban space solutions for the immediate surroundings of the site will be proposed.

The overall scope of the task is to have constructive approach to renovation and to get actively involved in giving shape to future renovation of European cities.
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Contest task for MultiComfort House Students Contest 2017

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