Multicomfort house student contest

Contest Goal

The aim of the contest is to spread the message for the need of integration of energy efficiency, sustainable design and MULTICOMFORT concept in the contemporary architecture planning and building process and to underline the importance of the different dimensions of comfort (thermal, acoustic, indoor air quality, visual).

Each year task specificities = each year task’s requirements

MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST is an annual contest open for students at Belarus, Bulgaria, Columbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, UK.

The competition is structured in 2 stages: national stages followed by an international stage, where the best projects from each country are invited.

The  international stage of MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST 2017 has taken place in Madrid and reached its 13th edition. More than 100 Schools of Architecture and Building Sciences have participated from 30 countries. The event, which was held at the Crystal Gallery-Palacio de Cibeles, has been attended by about 250 people, including students, teachers, architects and authorities.