Multicomfort house student contest

Winner: A really positive aspect was the organizational support

In recent years the MULTICOMFORT HOUSE STUDENTS CONTEST has developed from a regional event aimed at architecture students to an international forum for anyone with an interest in architecture.

The opportunity to compare work and meet with international colleagues has made the competition incredibly popular with students and professors alike. In only a few years the contest has grown from just five participating countries to a worldwide competition.

"A really positive aspect of competition was the organizational support. Support from not only a professional perspective, but from the human side too. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and willingness to cooperate, we could easily solve all technical problems. Because of this we learned a lot about sustainable structures, insulations, and other new products from the Saint-Gobain Group"- Vladimir Hain, Architect, Former winner

Here you can find some examples with projects from 2016 National Stages Winners from 23 countries HERE.